Should I Get A Cisco Certification?

If you aspire to start a career in the IT industry or if you are already working in it and want to upgrade your career to get a better position in the company, you’ll need to have some sort of certification related to the industry. Certifications are a way to prove your value to the employer before he even starts conducting your interview. Credible third-party certifications ensure a prospect’s competence in the industry and enable the employers to decide easily if they would be at a benefit to hire the prospect who has applied for the vacancy. One of the most trusted and highly credible third-party certifications are from the giant corporation Cisco which specializes in creating computer networking and data storage devices.

Cisco is known to be the most trusted company in network certifications since it dominates the global market for years through its products and devices. If you have worked in the IT industry or if you will be working in it, then most probably you will be working with the devices provided by this company. So it makes perfect for the company to quiz you about their products and award you with certifications when you prove how good you are in understanding their functions and applications in the IT industry. By acquiring the certificates provided by this giant corporation, future employers will be impressed by your qualifications and your resume will certainly have more weight than the rest who apply without such certificates to prove their knowledge.

An applicant for a job in the networking department with a Cisco certification would be a guarantee that he won’t be making a severe IT mistake which could cost the company to lose thousands or even millions of dollars in terms of hardware loss, data loss or network down time. Time is money and for a fortune 5000 company, a single minute of network down time or loss of data can be disastrous and the person responsible for causing the mistake would not only be removed from his job, but may also face many law suits and heavy fines for causing the debacle.

Due to a plethora of their catalogs and products in operation all over the globe, Cisco offers dozens of certifications on many different levels regarding data management and networking solutions. It does not matter which IT path you have chosen for your future career, a certification from this company will certainly act as a catalyst to boost your career. There are certificates designed for the entry-level IT graduates to the pros where they can take the different forms of test and prove their knowledge. The certifications are built in a way that advances after one another which creates a clear path for your career.

Many employers are known to pay for their employees who decide to take the certification tests. It is a part of their employee training and retraining program and teaches many new skills to their employees. You can ask your company’s management if there are funds available so you can apply for a certificate which suits your knowledge and current job position. It would not only help you elevate your position in the company but will also help in your future endeavors. Whether you apply for a certificate exam through your company or on your own behalf, it is always a good thing to prepare through a training school to ensure that you pass with the highest grades in your first attempt. Once you get the certificate, you will notice how much more employers would be interested to hire you on higher salaries.,197484,228819–Firestick-No-Signal.aspx#post72197,214101,229522–21305**,53366,30427,44802….html….html!-Writing-Essay-on-the-Division

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